Christmas already!

Christmas has arrived!  The happiest time of the year! The one day in which we all max out our credit cards, eat too much, nap after lunch and possibly for some of us, find a way to sit at the kiddy table in order to avoid most of the ‘grown ups’ in the family. Nothing wrong with that at all – kids are generally far more interesting than adults anyway. 🙂

For the last few days I have settled into the silly Season focusing my energy on getting through way too many of my mum’s Christmas Chocolate Rum Balls….Yep, wow, for a non-drinker those things are pretty potent, yet strangely satisfying….I think I may be beginning to understand why people drink….. Anyways, enough about Rum Balls! I have to STOP talking about them! I’ve almost become a Rum Ball pusher! Educating people on what they are, endorsing them and then promising most of Sydney that I would get a batch of my mum’s over to them after Christmas! They have seriously been the total focus of my last week! This post just may be a call for help and an intervention may need to happen come New Years Eve, if I’m still consuming 4 of these golf sized beauties a day! Addicted.

On a less crazy and more personal note, I just want to say thanks to those of you that have been part of my life this year. The support and the love mean so much and I particularly appreciate those of you that are always there to back me up. There’s nothing more refreshing in this world than being surrounded by people that are confident in who they are and talented at what they do, without any ego and competition. You all inspire me. I would have sent out cards but that wouldn’t be very me and I secretly don’t like cards very much (not a secret anymore) and in this day and age an email/text will do, yeh? :-/

I will probably be tweeting away the things that get said on the drive up the Coast to Christmas Lunch, as well as what gems are said around the table. My family are notorious for great one liners and let’s face it – I am addicted to online media. When do I not have my Blackberry in my hand? …..Rum Balls and Blackberry’s…..This is definitely a call for help. ;p

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everybody! And please drive safely!

Whilst I’m here, what’s everyone up to for New Years????

Last year I stayed in and watched ‘The Truth about Cats and Dogs’ on TV and I have to say, it was one of my best NYE’s ever. Ha!


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