It’s the Final Countdown!!!!

There is nothing you can do in this world without the support of passionate people with genrosity to boot. I hope you will all agree with this statement! When i get all gushy like this, you can be sure I’m working on a project!

The last few days have been nothing short of CRAZY as I get organised for the Teaser shoot for – DEADHEART.

The first great thing that happened today, (Besides being greeted by my stellar work experience girl for the week – Millie!) was receiving a call from a very excited Make-Up Artist, offering her services for the shoot. She sounded as excited about the project as I hope the people that eventually view the Teaser will be and it reminded me that generous, positive people are a gift and by George I am a lucky girl on this shoot! You guys know who you are!

I felt like Alexis’ call brought a heap of positive energy and from that point on, the day was rolling along quite beautifully – it was hectic but we got a lot of the things on our to do list struck off (Thank goodness Millie started putting a list together for us, otherwise, who knows how disorganised this Sagiattarian over here may have been!).

I have one full day left to have everything ready to go and when Thursday’s shoot is done, I can blow out a candle on a gluten free cupcake and celebrate being 1 year older and hopefully a little wiser. Yep, it won’t just be a full on day but it’s my Birthday too and I’m sure the combination of both will make for some seriously interesting emotions!

Just last week, it was exactly a year ago that I held a party at The Red Rattler and screened “Something Fishy” to friends, our generous crew, cast and donors. It felt like Christmas! Nothing is more satisfying than hearing a room of people laugh at the right points in your film and there’s also nothing more overwhelming than having that kind of support!

At the beginning of this year I was interviewed by Metroscreen as a follow-up about the completion of the film. In that interview they asked me what my goals for the future were and I replied that I just wanted to be able to pay my crew. I’m really looking forward to the day where I can provide all the people that have helped me, with a really well paid job! It’s still my only goal for the future as a filmmaker and I am hoping I’ll be able to do this for them sooner rather than later. Talented people deserve something amazing when they devote their time and genius to passion projects. No one will be forgotten kids – ever!

Since it’s also the Final Countdown to my Birthday, I figured I should thank those that have been supportive, caring, loving, understanding and above-all-else acepting of me, my hyper moods, my serious tangents and my dark and twisted ideas! 🙂 Arabella, Priscilla, Camilla, Lucilla, Katarina, Karima (Yes, I have noticed the pattern)Paradox, Kim, Mel A, Ben S, Alex B, Alex K, Colin E, PJ, Matt H, Massimo, Glen, Ben M, Kavi and Tash. Its been a big year and you guys have been on the other end of the phone, Skype, or by my side the whole way. You’re the most amazing group and thank you for allowing me to be part of your lives. xx Some of us have also worked together, so thankyou for the sweat as well as the heart. 🙂

This was a bit of a general post but I am pretty much Scrambled Eggs upstairs as I wrap up this process of pre-production! Looking forward to the other end of December 1st! 🙂

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