Work Experience with Kristy….


Lauren has been a star so far this week. Lets face it. When your Work Experience Mentor sleeps in and picks you up from the Train Station an hour late on your second day, you are bound to learn one constant of the Entertainment Industry – You will be forever waiting around. I am a kind of Mister Miyagi forever teaching the hard lessons in an effort to build a Karate Master! Okay, maybe not… but I have to say, my night owling is part of how I get work done so close to a shoot and getting up at a normal time is almost impossible. Sorry Lauren. :-/ I am officially a butthead.

Lauren is the first of two Work Experience girls I have with me over the next two weeks. Lauren is with me for three days of this week and Millie, five of next. Since I am in pre-production on the Deadheart Teaser the girls will see a few behind the scenes bits and pieces as well as how much fun working from my Bedroom in my parents house is. There is no glam in filmmaking and no money, except there’s always enough to spend on a  ridiculous amount of coffees in a variety of Cafes in Surry Hills. (You need some sort of reward for all the rushing about!) I think Lauren now knows where to find the best Cafes in Sydney. One thing I have done right is Lunch!

I got insanely close to being able to make up for the morning’s mishap when I had a message on my voicemail from one of my Best Friends asking if I wanted to attend the X Factor Grand Final but unfortunately she couldn’t get a ticket for Lauren too, so we both bowed out and instead focused on getting back to all that we had to do!

We browsed boutiques for costumes, bought props at Reverse Garbage and talked about how boys truly are more dramatic than girls on the long trip back from the city to Hornsby during peak hour. I made Lauren pose under a variety of fluorescent lights in our second location for next weeks shoot and handed her the camera so that she may film herself in the nail salon whilst I had my nails painted for a job. Lauren had a crash course in music licencing today as well as casting and I learnt Lauren’s favourite colour is turquoise because it goes with absolutely everything. In that exact moment, I realised I hadn’t been selective enough in choosing my favourite colours. People generally think I overthink things but in this instance – obviously not.

We have a heap to get through tomorrow and some of it will probably be shared on this Blog, Facebook, Twitter – all the usual places. Poor Millie is going to have the busiest week of her life next week……Her personal animated gif may be less smiley than Lauren’s….We’ll see.


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