Comedyyyyyyyy (music videos)

Heyyyyyyy! (Firstly, why do kids do this weird extra letters thing these days?)

I digress.

I LOVE Comedy. That’s no surprise to those of you that know me well. I love laughter, I celebrate the wit behind good humour and if you’ve seen my own work, I love to dip my toes into the darker side of Comedy.

Because of this love and need for laughter in my life, I’m going to start posting up Comedy vids I adore/enjoy/appreciate each week, along with my usual ra ra rant blogs 🙂

My first post is about the very talented @maxdionne (yes, I now refer to people via their twitter handle only. If you’re not careful I will start hashtagging in texts and emails). I came across Max in a ‘Back of the Class’ comedy music vid and immediately started following their sketch group.

My all time favourite clip of BOTC is “Hollywood A-S-S-T”. If you live in LA, or know the entertainment Industry well, you will absolutely love this extremely smart clip. The lyrics are thoroughly impressive!

Here it is – Hollywood A-S-S-T

Max’s latest clip he doesn’t feature in but these super cute kids do!

Gettin’ Sugar High (Halloween Rap)

To round out this post, it is only fitting for me to introduce you to one of my Best Friends and all round talented woman @priscillabonnet

Priscilla wrote, produced and starred in her first comedy music vid “Fully Famous – D.U.I” at the end of last year. The clip is super slick and very funny starring Priscilla, Krew Boylan and Dave Eastgate.

I am a big fan of comedy music vids, especially having grown up singing and dancing at the good ol’ Johnny Young Talent School and I love the genius that goes into these videos.

If you have any funny music videos to share with me, please post them up in the comments section! Or find my facebook page and post them up there!

Find @maxdionne and @priscillabonnet on twitter and if you like their stuff, let them know!


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